“I’ve been using a Giles Wax Pen for my entire forty-six year career.  And in all that time, I’ve had two. They are a workhorse. Simple, direct, precise and essential in working with wax for sculpture. The variety of tips is amazing and they seem to be introducing new ones every year. If you’re considering working in wax either for sculpture or jewelry, there’s only one waxer I recommend. Giles. Simply the best.”

Tim Bruckner


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“I’ve been a full-time, self-employed sculptor for well over 10 years now. My main focus has been superheroes and monsters, and I’ve done a lot of work for private collectors, as well as large collectible companies and producers. A large portion of the work I do is in wax, and I own, or have owned, just about every waxer (or wax pen), out there.

After a few years of spending way too much money for overpriced waxers and tips, I eventually I got around to picking up a Giles Precision Waxer. It was very affordable, and I had heard some pretty good reviews on it, from some of the top sculptors in the collectible industry. It wasn’t long before it became my go-to workhorse, and the one wax tool that I absolutely can’t function without.

There’s a wide variety of inexpensive tips to choose from, whether you need to move a lot of wax, or just a little dot. It’s a super rugged machine, and couldn’t be simpler to use. I like to control exactly when the tip heats up, so I purchased a separate foot pedal, allowing me to turn it on and off, only when i’m ready.

The beautiful thing is, the tips heat up almost instantly, so there’s no delay between the time I step on the pedal, and the time the tip begins to melt the wax. The tips are easy to clean, and if one breaks (after a lot of punishment), the Giles customer service is absolutely stellar. They’ve even worked closely with me, and custom-made me several tips based on my own specifications.

Whether you’ve been a sculptor for decades, or just jumping into the game, the Giles precision waxer is a professional tool for whatever your level of expertise. I can’t recommend the waxer, or the people at Giles, highly enough.”

Troy McDevitt
The McDevitt Studio

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“I was first introduced to the Giles Hot Wax Pen when I began doing free-lance work about 20 years ago.  As a graduate in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design I had used wax to make sculpture to be cast in bronze.  I discovered the Hot Wax Pen when I began to work on a smaller scale, making jewelry and small models.  The tool allowed me to greatly expand my working vocabulary, using the tool for small, medium and large models.

tafDuring my 14 years designing glass for Steuben Glass I consistently used this amazing and versatile tool when I made wax models to further my ideas as they evolved toward being made into luxury glass sculpture, tabletop and corporate work.

The Hot Wax Pen has many tips that can be used right out of the box or modified for particular uses and is invaluable in refining models in microcrystalline or jeweler’s wax.  Being able to adjust the temperature allows for fine tuning of your model.  And, the tool is indestructible.  I have used the pen for hours on end, year after year and it keeps on working, helping me achieve my sculpture, jewelry, glass, and metal accessories and buckles.”

– Taf Schaefer

Taf Schaefer

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