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giles studio standard precision waxer

Standard Precision Waxer

The Standard Handle was designed by Walter Giles in 1923. The great advantage of the standard handle is the on/off switch sleeve on the handle. The switch sleeve is designed to be operated with either a finger or thumb while in use.

giles studio industrial precision waxer

Industrial Precision Waxer

The Giles Industrial Handle was designed by Walter Giles’ grand-daughter Patricia Drummond in 1980. The Industrial Handle does not have an on/off switch on its Handle. The Giles Industrial handle was designed to stay cool in your hand with prolonged, continuous use at high heat.


Giles Studio Tips

Giles Precision Tips

Each waxer comes with a red, yellow, and blue tip. There are also eight other tips available. All of our tips are compatible with both the standard and industrial handles. The yellow and blue tips both have capillary feed. We can also custom-design tips for special needs — please ask!


Giles Precision Cords

All Giles Precision Waxers come with:

  • • One year warranty
  • • Three tips: red, yellow, and blue
  • • Lighted on/off switch
  • • Variable heat range (no preset stations)
  • • Tip holder on side of unit to hold hot tips
  • • Black rubber cord or white nylon cord
  • • Standard two-prong plug or a grounded plug



Giles Tips are hand made with different material diameter and fabrication processes.

Temperature adjustmests on the Precision Waxer may very from the suggested ranges as listed below. The Technician will need to adjust temperature settings as necessary based on type of Tip and Wax being used.

Caution: Do not leave any tips in Position 1 if you are not going to resume your work. Turn unit off and place handle and tip in the tip holder on the side of the Waxer.

Position 2            Mini Tips
Position 3            Mini Tips
Position 4            Green Tip             PurpleTip
Position 5            Number 4 Tip
Position 6            Brown Tip            Orange Tip            Black Tip
Position 7            Yellow Tip            Blue Tip                  #1 Tip
Position 8            Red Tip                  Number 2 Tip      Number 3 Tip
Position 9            Maximun High Heat

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