Standard Precision Waxer


The Standard Handle was designed by Walter Giles in 1923. The great advantage of the standard handle is the on/off switch sleeve on the handle. The switch sleeve is designed to be operated with either a finger or thumb while in use. Once you find your specific temperature setting on your Giles Precision Waxer, with this turning on and off capability the standard handle provides even further variable temperature control to simulate an alcohol lamp for warming non heated tools.

The Standard handle can become warm to the touch during extended period of operation.

This tool is a must for the wax model maker. For over 90 years, the Giles Precision Waxer has been one of the most popular tools for model makers in many industries. You could find one on the workbenches of professional jewelry makers as well as in the hands of dental technicians or artists designing superhero models.

Work can be done in minimal time. The Giles Waxer features variable heat control (9 settings), a lighted power switch, 3 color-coded tips ( Red, Yellow and Blue ) and the “standard” pen handle is favored by many wax sculptors . The hand piece is about 4″ long without a tip and has a 26″ cord for convenience.